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  • M.2 GNSS Receiver Cards
  • M.2 GNSS Receiver Cards
M.2 GNSS Receiver CardsM.2 GNSS Receiver Cards

M.2 GNSS Receiver Cards

Product Description:


  • Uncompromising excellence: The perfect blend of compactness and robust performance. Featuring high update rates (>100 Hz) and minimal latency, both are vital for control systems in a wide range of autonomous applications. It offers centimeter-level positioning accuracy, multi-constellation, and multifrequency capabilities. Additionally, it provides full L2 support via P(Y) code.
  • Powered by cutting-edge technologies:Septentrio's GNSS+ toolset ensures accuracy and reliability in the most challenging environments through:

  1. AIM+, the industry's most advanced on-board interference mitigation technology for narrow- and wide-band, chirp jammers.
  2. LOCK+, which ensures robust tracking even during high vibrations and shocks.
  3. APME+, a multipath mitigation system that distinguishes between direct signals and those reflected from nearby structures.
  4. IONO+, which provides advanced protection against ionospheric disturbances.
  5. All these features enable you to operate with the utmost efficiency and reliability.

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