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  • RTK mosaic-X5
  • RTK mosaic-X5
  • RTK mosaic-X5
  • RTK mosaic-X5
RTK mosaic-X5RTK mosaic-X5RTK mosaic-X5RTK mosaic-X5

RTK mosaic-X5

Product Description:


The RTK Mosaic-X5 is a multi constellation, multi frequency, L1/L2/L5 ready Mosaic-X5 based on Septentrio. Mosaic-X5 is a 448 channel "omnidirectional" receiver that supports GNSS signals from GPS (United States), GLONASS (Russia), Beidou (China), Galileo (Europe), NaviC (India), and special additional satellites such as SBAS and QZSS. The mosaic X5 also has built-in modules that support other L-band correction services.

  • The RTK Mosaic-X5 can be configured as an RTK base to provide calibration to other RTK walkers, or can be configured as an RTK walker to achieve a horizontal positioning accuracy of 6mm (0.6cm) (plus 0.5 PPM) using calibration.
  • The mosaic X5 can provide position updates at a frequency of 100Hz (100 times per second).
  • Mosaic-X5 runs a complete internal web server; It can monitor the location and fully configure the module through this webpage using a standard browser.
  • The mosaic X5 can be configured to record RINEX files with different durations and intervals. It can also record data in standard NMEA or Septentrio's SBF binary format. SBF files can be converted to RINEX using Septentrio's RxTools.
  • RTK mosaic-X5 is based on Septentrio's mosaic-X5 GNSS module, combined with Espressif ESP32-WROVER processor (16MB flash memory, 8MB PSRAM).
  • The mosaic-X5 has a USB-C connection (via USB Ethernet), multiple UARTs, and supports full Ethernet connectivity.
  • All electronic devices (excluding Qwiic OLED displays) of the RTK Mosaic-X5 are installed on one circuit board. The mosaic X5 GNSS antenna and ESP32 WiFi/Bluetooth antenna are connected through sturdy SMA connectors. The IO connection is achieved through a sturdy 3.5mm plug and cage screw connection. The IO voltage can be selected between 3.3V and 5V.
  • The RTK Mosaic-X5 has multiple power options. Any or all of these can power it: mosaic X5 USB-C connection, ESP32 USB-C connection, Ethernet power supply (36V to 57V), or external DC power supply between 9V and 36V.
  • The GNSS SMA antenna connection provides 5V voltage to the included active L1/L2/L5 antenna, instead of the usual 3.3V voltage.


  • Quick Start Guide
  • Cased GNSS Receiver
  • L1/L2/L5 GNSS Surveying Antenna
  • Reinforced RG58 TNC-SMA Cable (10m)
  • SMA WiFi / Bluetooth Antenna
  • 32GB microSD Card (Class 10)
  • USB-C Power Supply (5V 1A wall adapter)
  • USB-C Cable (A to C, 2m)
  • Ethernet Cable (CAT-6, 1m)

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